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Post Cesarean

Caring for the wound after a cesarean delivery is very important for mother’s recovery. To provide professional care for the mother and speed up the recovery process, Home Doctor provides a package that includes:

SAR 425

Health Checkup

Because prevention is better than cure, Home Doctor provides a package of comprehensive medical examination to assess the current state of health and achieve early detection of diseases, as early detection helps to speed up the treatment. The package includes:

SAR 1013


Stroke patients need to stay at home and fully rest in order to gradually recover their physical strength. Home Doctor provides a special package for stroke patients which includes:

SAR 488

Elderly Care

Most elderly patients who suffer from chronic diseases such as pressure, diabetes, asthma, heart disease and ageing, among many other, need regular and continuous medical care. Home Doctor offers a package for the elderly to provide home health follow-up including:

SAR 1050


Physiotherapy is very important to rehabilitate and improve movement disorders. Home Doctor provides a qualified team to provide physiotherapy services to achieve a speedy recovery with special package that includes:

SAR 1750


Home Health Care services may just be what you need to manage recovery of your loved ones. If you are unsure about the packages, request a doctor or nurse visit for a more detailed opinion about the medical condition

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